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Vanity Beach say 'Dance'

Knights of the New,

Vanity Beach will be releasing their new E.P. 'Dance' on the 19th October 2004. We will be taking pre-orders for 'Dance' in September, so keep an eye on the website for more details.

Also there is a new competition for those who are members of the Vanity Beach Street Team!

Assignment 2.

The Assignment:

To design and build a Vanity Beach fan site, using the webpack (which is available for download below) and any other (legal) resources available on the internet.

Design the site to be in keeping with style of Vanity Beach, but do not just copy the style from the Official Website. Add some of your individual touches to make your site unique to you.

The contest will run from the 27th July till the 12th Oct. So you have over 2 months to complete your site and enter it. The sites will be judged on the 17th Oct and a winner announced on the 19th of October (to coinside with the release of ‘Dance’).

The Prizes:

There will be 2 prizes handed out to the winner and runner up and these are as follows.

Winner: Signed copies of the 'Dance' E.P. and 'Nights of the New', a VB Cap, a VB Shirt, VB Stickers, a Signed piece of Juno Forth’s keyboard from the Botta show and a signed photograph of the band.

Runner Up: Signed copies of the 'Dance' E.P. and 'Nights of the New', a VB Cap and VB Stickers.

How To Submit Your Entry:

Post a weblink to your site in this thread to enter the competition, if you win you will be contacted privately for your postal details.


Download the Vanity Beach webpack: http://www.vanity-beach.com/vb-webpack.zip File size: 1.3mb

Keep checking the website and msg board for updates!


Vanity Beach.
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